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Knitting Adventures is an warm and welcoming knitting community for any level of knitting enthusiasts

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Meet Marina & Tanja

Knitting Adventures started with us two. We are two knitters who yearned for a community and knitting events that reflected our identity. Faced with a lack of options that resonated with us, we decided to take matters into our own hands and organise them ourselves! Our philosophy is to host warm and welcoming events for knitters of all skill-levels and to build friendships and a sense of community.

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Local Meet-ups and Knitting Trips

Knit&Wine x Brinkkalan Lankatori 15.6.2024

Join us for a Special Knit & Wine TURKU Event in collaboration with Brinkkalan Lankatori!Hey fellow...

Knit & Wine TURKU

Knit & Wine TURKU is the perfect blend of exploring local wine places, creativity and good company.

Knit & Wine - in your town?

Imagine casual after-work vibes, the click of knitting needles, and the warmth of shared stories –...

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Everyone's welcome

Our aim is to create an open and welcoming athmospere at all of our events and meet-ups to ensure that our participants always feel welcome at our events. It does not matten if you join alone (you are so brave!) or with a friend, if you are a beginne knitter or a crocheter. You are welcome nonetheless!

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Time for yourself

We want our events to be a break from your hectic everyday life. Our events and trips offer you time for yourself with yoru craft. The calming archipelago surroundings, great food, company and maybe a few activities, are well chosen to create a recharching weekend or evening.

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Love for the archipelago

Our passion for the sea and the archipelago drive us to support local businesses in the area. The Turku archipelago, with stunning nature and unique culture, provides a serene and relaxing backdrop for our events.